Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ijazat (Permission to leave)

Who could have ever thought of capturing complexities of relations with such ease and beauty....Characters here,actually complained nothing verbally ,but their silence created the magnetized effect for the movie.Journey from the waiting room's darkness to the past life and back to waiting room was a graceful poetry by our dynamic and efficient director "Gulzar Saab".
Maya's (Anuradha Patel)character -that too in the era of 80's was even unthinkable.She gave all the poetic effect to the story.She was the beautiful crazy spirit who balanced the abnormal society,even her death signified her radical lifestyle.when Sudha (Rekha) returns Maya's belongings to her.She enticingly and emotinally asks her unforgivable moment back that she has spent with Mahinder(Naseeruddin Shah)...'Mera Kuch Saman '- the ultimate combination of lyrics,music and singing for Gulzar,R D Buraman and Asha Bhonsle which could never be found again.
The mature subject was so delicately handled that one can even start expecting his/her world to be that much emotionally sound and stable,the mutual mature bonding with melody in life.This movie enhanced Rekha's elegance and Naseeruddin's individuality as a person.
Even the ending,when Sudha asks Mahinder ,the permission to go,gives it a perfect start(for a new life)'Ijazat' to leave him forever (this time).
Jatigriha( the novel inspired it) was justified in true sense and added to the classics of Indian cinema.

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