Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Empty Moment

Eyelids with slow motions,closed lips,
myriad unborn expressions .....
a language-eardrums cannot trace..but
then the slightest movement could
explain mysteries deep inside ashes.
Now we imagine a speed decoding and one expects the whole story
to be unfolded without any deteriorating
moment..Once it is done, the wine of love+friendship
preserved for your
gut...One Empty - moment steals the
show with no continued disaster but
only satisfaction for the competance
that dwells around us.As the broken truth re shoots itself from a single source at different points to be conceived ,nourished and presented as a sweet dessert before meal.Some may have the taste buds to cherish the reality,some kill them or some just swallow them to be destroyed with the acid and all this happens in a single empty moment.

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