Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Unthinkable

Today I called him finally,and told him to meet..he sounded like an ocean of current every time I talk to him..ahhh...!!eargasm.....He praises everything on earth except me,well that is actually enticing ...kewl.!!sometimes I find him averagely rude..thrilling ,isn't??+++point
Not a very surprise element,but surprisingly not predictable..sadist for love and hatred..mirror cracking material,camphor unburnt,his sarcasm creates cold wars and the sufferer actually enjoys it..whatever..
he was busy ,he denied to come..now I regret ..why did I call him..me:such a moron..such a non self respecting person..I should go to hell..
oh! I could have called the plumber to fix my loose taps or an electrician to rejoin the wires that came out of my mind,instead of calling him....now the left overs of my dignity tells me to keep on digging the wall,but I am sure he is not the Anarkali..