Monday, April 29, 2013

Velvet Conpiracies

My favorite atom is now talking to my least favorite one. They often conspire for my mood disorders,willingly or not; they affect my connectivity. I wish I could punish them,scold them or love them strongly. Imagine every atom splitting and out-bursting into an individual entity. Then n number of individuals behaving independently  like a rivulet of desires, conspiring to burn a wish with no fumes to acknowledge.

The atoms train themselves for a precious explosion to travel through a light way ,brighten up their dark minds and to pour some coal from their heart. Unknown to each other, they leave for the same time zone. When they collide, they desire for a greater explosion and form a molecule, the interaction becomes a little chaotic and they vibrate within the shell. The vibrations become heavy to destroy the wish , but before they could reach , they die of internal combustion.

Do Dard Ke Tukde

Kal raat do tukde mile dard ke
Ek adha, ek bikhra
Dono ne milke nazme buni
Cheele badan se usme siskiya bhari

Phir bhi nazmo ko jeene ki aadat kaha hoti hai
Wo to bus kitabo me saans leti hai