Monday, July 25, 2011

What if??

What if ?

A traumatic childhood secretes special hormones to make you mutant..
At least that is what history , authors , movies explain.. I know, be it Newton's gravitation, Picasso's artistry or any other person of far more mental skills and abilities. All fields have been covered by scintillating brains. So does that make it that indispensable to master at least one field of interest???

The white and black keys of my piano are beautiful but what if I don't play them just because I like the instrument that way. Music is in my mind and what if I play it with my limitless brain attached to all the strings of music. Normal elements of life do exist which are abnormally brushed aside. Surviving to aid and apprise true non sentimental values is a work of fiction and the follower is secluded. A shrewd brain at rest is never recognized but why to create delusional stages to extract those brainy contents.. Can't it be, just kept at peace to resolve other inner conflicts ... which are perception less and secure..

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Wo aaj aaya tha talashi lene ..churaya hua sab le gaya..maine roka use..gumsum aankhon se sehlaya bhi..peer ki ibadat ki..sunepan se bandha...par wo chala hi gaya..neend me doobe hue un palo ki chaabi hi le gaya..
ab wo kabhi jaag na payenge..kaanch ki un deewaro se jhanke hue neend me hi muskurayenge..kash wo chaliya na mai use pehchaan jati..fariyaad karti..bebas lawaris aawaz goonjti..shayad ek fariyadi ki karakashta wo jhutla nahi pata..

Saturday, April 30, 2011


All I can remember now is his voice.His whispers to my ears are snakes on quilt..
I have become his part and not a part of mine is now left for me.I wish I could see him again as my restless eyes want some peace. I want his presence to touch my soul, to dig my heart, to freeze my breaths.The blowing breeze faints me down, takes away my sensibilities,tortures me and kills my imagination.

I am tired of faking my ........

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chand ki katori par...

Chand ki katori par raakh sooni sooni hai
Geeli geeli ojhal si raat kahi rooth gayi..
Chup ke baithe hai wo roshandan se door
Ek tuk dekh ke chehra fer lete hai..

savera aa nahi pata unki aankho ke dayere me
ki thodi si roshni hi har taraf ghar kar gayi hai
Dhundla mausam pyara lagta hai, andhera rangeen lagta hai
uska mijaaz hi kuch waise banjara lagta hai..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Faking thoughts.............

Jumbling thoughts scrolled over my mushy quilt.. as if I would not sleep , my breathings taking my senses from me..all my efforts were to survive that night..

I tried to escape the miserable feeling..faking to cry..faking to puke and faking to be real gain.. but the fake people around me didn't realize the utmost faking thing about me. They laughed at my reality.They hunted for my crooked heart, willing to preserve it for ever. I applied all the survival strategies,they didn't know I was trying to cheat with their intelligence. I treated them as mannequins, they treated me as an illusionary least they existed for me but I was never there for them..Possibly they are my illusions..and I was a part of their illusion as well..That vicious circle never crossed the threshold of my delusions..and I still want to escape that night of my misery..kill those thoughts to let them die forever..and beat them all to rest in peace for ever..