Friday, July 30, 2010

The crazy lady

She was the Ditcher, the woman chameleon ,the lady most undignified.
She hated truth and thus in her À la carte,there were maximum lies but she lied only for the sanctity of the naked lie..that she loved.

And when they stole her seven masks,she had for her seven ages.The thieves were cursed and she got rid of them;to have her eight one which was the most poisonous of all.The poison was trained to effect the helpers and the mask was so clever,that it never revealed the face inside it which was frozen for eternity.

She was not beautiful but her innocence captured hearts of millions and she ate them for her immortality.Her poison never failed and she kept on using people for fun and then isolated so many of them to cry behind her.

She painted the room darkest of all with red and black as a reward of bravery to her and celebrated the deadliest of her crimes wit the next victim.Her canvas was black and blue...and violet ,everything except white ,she reflected nothing.She was only the absorber of happiness.She snatched a lot of it,burnt it never to be resurrected again...