Friday, December 28, 2012

Hang Till Death

' Roshni ki baat hai' - the only line I remember when I was in KG. With me, it has always been a matter of mood and nothing else. I get glimpses of vague random ideas, I try and join them but often making senseless portrayals. Heart-broken sentiments, some love-captured moments and a few killer wasteful emotions induce writing waves in me, most of the times the best way to take out what I could have never said to anyone. I am dead struck to my policy of disclosing only what is emotionless.

I realize that being scared of so many things at one time, gives a sudden rush of bravery which is inevitable. Laundering thoughts keeps haunting you without even telling you the right ejaculating pattern.Sometimes, you hang from a bridge, holding alternate decisions in each hand, you leave anyone, you are destined to drown.