Monday, July 25, 2011

What if??

What if ?

A traumatic childhood secretes special hormones to make you mutant..
At least that is what history , authors , movies explain.. I know, be it Newton's gravitation, Picasso's artistry or any other person of far more mental skills and abilities. All fields have been covered by scintillating brains. So does that make it that indispensable to master at least one field of interest???

The white and black keys of my piano are beautiful but what if I don't play them just because I like the instrument that way. Music is in my mind and what if I play it with my limitless brain attached to all the strings of music. Normal elements of life do exist which are abnormally brushed aside. Surviving to aid and apprise true non sentimental values is a work of fiction and the follower is secluded. A shrewd brain at rest is never recognized but why to create delusional stages to extract those brainy contents.. Can't it be, just kept at peace to resolve other inner conflicts ... which are perception less and secure..

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  1. What if someone stirs the brain for letting it settle down again..Thats what your post just did....well written!!