Thursday, February 17, 2011

Faking thoughts.............

Jumbling thoughts scrolled over my mushy quilt.. as if I would not sleep , my breathings taking my senses from me..all my efforts were to survive that night..

I tried to escape the miserable feeling..faking to cry..faking to puke and faking to be real gain.. but the fake people around me didn't realize the utmost faking thing about me. They laughed at my reality.They hunted for my crooked heart, willing to preserve it for ever. I applied all the survival strategies,they didn't know I was trying to cheat with their intelligence. I treated them as mannequins, they treated me as an illusionary least they existed for me but I was never there for them..Possibly they are my illusions..and I was a part of their illusion as well..That vicious circle never crossed the threshold of my delusions..and I still want to escape that night of my misery..kill those thoughts to let them die forever..and beat them all to rest in peace for ever..

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